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Outside The Lines . . . of Love, Life, and Cancer is a riveting tale of surviving one of life’s most terrifying illnesses, ovarian cancer. The reader is taken on a most intimate journey, feeling firsthand the discovery of a deadly disease. The story is beautifully written by Annette Leal Mattern upon finding that after 12 years, her ovarian cancer has recurred and now, more virulent than ever, will probably kill her.

Annette, a former business executive, acquired the expertise to run large, complex projects. It is these tools that she applies to the management of her own cancer recovery and overcomes the ravages of chemotherapy. She applies her training, surrounding her problem with a systematic approach that includes nutrition, psychological wellness, physical exercise and spiritual revitalization.

At its core, Outside The Lines . . . of Love, Life, and Cancer is a survival guide that addresses multiple dimensions of cancer. Raw and vulnerable, it is often fearsome, at time sad, yet ultimately inspirational. This is more than a story of cancer. It is a story of family and friends bonded by incredible loss and infinite love. It is also a story of living life to its fullest and making choices as though every day is a most precious gift.

“As engrossing as a page-turner novel, this story take the reader on an intensely vivid journey, touching every human emotion along the way, and in the end, leaving the reader profoundly changed. It should be read again and again.”
Robert Vaughn, author of Christmas Past

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