Marilyn McNeil


I want to honor my beautiful, loving, caring mother who lost her life to ovarian cancer August 10, 2009.  She found out that she had a mass on her ovary after months of complaints to the doctor of feeling pressure in her abdomen and was told to join Jenny Craig and lose the weight.  She them was diagnosed with asthma when she started to have a hard time catching her breath.  The inhaler was not working and still the complaint to the doctor was feeling like her abdomen was getting bigger and hard.  Well the doctor then told her go have a pelvic and we will take the CA125.  The CA125 came back elevated but the doctor told her not to worry if she had a cold that day it would have made it high. The pelvic exam was good.  So on we went to possibly having congestive heart failure due to fluid now filling up around the lungs.  She then started to have fluid drained off the chest area.  The first time we went it was 8 liters of fluid.  This went on for about a month when she had to be taken to the emergency room unable to breathe.  That doctor finally took a MRI and found a mass. That was in June by August she was gone.

My mother was always in high spirits through this whole ordeal.  The week before she passed I was with her when the doctor came in and told her, “Marilyn I dont think you will be leaving the hospital.”  She said to him “so I will go be with Jesus now”. He answered her with tears in his eyes “Yes”. She said “okay I am ready to go my mother is there and she must need help with her garden”. I told her before she passed that my sister and I would try to help other women by telling them her story and to ask for vaginal sonograms. I feel that is important had they done one early they would have found it sooner.

My mother was always full of life. She loved to paint, garden and was a very good hairdresser.  She always did all our friend’s and families hair for weddings and proms.  She was a very giving person.  If strangers asked for help she would help them. She felt by helping them that someday if she needed help somebody would help her. My mother never missed a baseball game or football game that my brother played.  She loved to come to the ranch and watch my sister and I ride our horses.  She is missed everyday, every minute by all who knew her.   I feel we were blessed to have her as our Mother and best friend.

Sherrie, Rusty & Coleen