Jean Davis

Blessings of Love!! That’s what my mom was to me. She raised seven children, and always put everyone before herself.  I can remember going shopping with her after we were all grown and she had more money.  She would often feel guilty for buying something she didn’t need.  I would tell her she gave so much to all of us, it was time to do something special for herself.  You would think that raising that many children she would not want to be around dozens of other children; but she nurtured and loved many more children as she cared for them in the same church nursery for more than 50 years.  She loved the babies, and the one special memory I will always have of her is holding and cuddling one of those little ones.  When one of us girls was giving birth to her grandchildren she was packing her bag and ready to be at our home for two weeks to care for that grandchild.  When she left our house after our first child was born I was scared because she had taken such good care of him and loved him so much.  I thought what am I suppose to do now.  I knew my mom had taught me well.

In February of 2005 at the age of 75, mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and because of her positive attitude, she lived another 5 years.   She went home to be with her Loving Creator March 2009.  I had the wonderful opportunity to care for her the last two months of her life.  I got to be mom to her, and love her with the love that she so loving loved all of us with.   I would encourage anyone who can to do the same with those you love, it is a beautiful experience.

On this Mother’s Day and all to come, I will treasure the memories I have, and strive to live as courageously as she did. I LOVE YOU, MOM.