Gail Wasylishyn

Mothers We Love

I know there are several moms out there that deserve to be honored and recognized and, although I am biased, my mom Gail Wasylishyn deserves and has earned it.

My sister and I grew up learning to appreciate everything anyone ever did for us or gave us.  We were taught early on acceptable behavior, our please and thank you’s, how to be polite, write thank you notes (sent by “snail” mail’) and to even make sure to say thank you, for the little things, for instance, to dad that bought us pizza on Sunday night after our day at our grandparents farm. We learned to realize that no one owes us anything.  And now that I am older I live by that.  No one has to be there for me, no one has to listen to me cry nor do they have to listen to me vent just about daily occurrences. You’re lucky for the ones that do that.  Even if it’s a relative or friend.  Be grateful.  My mom instilled this attribute in us.  Be thankful for what you have.

Several people have complimented me and have said that I am so polite and always smiling.  That is a direct reflection of my mom. I can only hope I am half the woman she is.

My mom has been a nursery school teacher for almost 20 years now.  Children usually fight to sit on her lap at story time.  And years later she remembers every child and family. My mom has also been singing in the choir at our local church. Many come to just hear her sing on Sunday mornings.  She has a voice that stands out.  You always know it’s her.

I can honestly say that she has been not only a mom to the two of us but a friend, a gracious acquaintance, someone that people instantly remember just by her kindness and her smile.  I mentioned when she got sick and she was getting her several cards a day that I would not be surprised if you got one from the mailman or the person that usually bags your groceries because you have that affect on people.  She is just a naturally, genuine person that cares about everyone.  My mom is truly an amazing individual.  My sister, Erica, and I are grateful and lucky to say she is MY MOM!

You always are concerned and worried about loved ones.  It is something we pick up when we love others.  You never think twice that a person of that good nature, good karma, would be diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer.

My mom was diagnosed on Friday September 11, 2009.  She went to the doctor for the concern of a hernia and consequently had to find out all alone that she had cancer.  After speaking with my father and our minister she found strength to tell us two days later.  I can remember that day so vividly.  My world came crashing down.  The scariest, worst news a daughter could endure. I can not fathom how she was feeling but she was strong and positive.  I broke down and lost it.  The most important person to me, my one and only mother had cancer.  Cancer.

She honestly deserved to be honored as a mother long before her diagnosis.  But since that day she has been ever more amazing.  If that is possible.  In the past seven months not one complaint from her.  The only tears I’ve seen or heard from her are when she hugs my sister and me when we are home to see her.  (Gail resides in Connecticut.  Erica and her husband in Florida.  And myself in Arizona). She has been such an inspiration to everyone.  Her spirit and attitude is honestly mind boggling! She even makes it a point to write down every flower arrangement, gift, meal given to our family, so she can write a thank you.  I could go on and on with my reasons of why she deserves to be honored.  She is the epitome of a caring, honest, loving person.

Gail Wasylishyn, my mom, is absolutely one of a kind and irreplaceable. We need a world filled with a few more Gail’s.

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