Anne Rice

My Mum, Anne, adopted me 33 years ago when I was just 6 months old. I am so glad she did.  She was the kindest, most loving mother I ever could have asked for and I would have chosen her myself, had I had the choice! :-) She became my dear friend as well as my Mum :-)
In 2006, our world fell apart when she was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. She fought bravely for 2 and a half years, but unfortunately lost her battle against this terrible disease last year,  the 8th of February 2009. I periodically went home to the UK to help with her chemotherapy treatments and eventually to help my father care for her at home, until she died (I was able to give up my job to do this thanks to the support of my husband, love you Chris.)  The time we had was so precious.  I was so glad I could be there to help and that I was there to hold her hand when she finally died.  I miss her every single day, but I am so glad we had each other in our lives for as long as we did.  I feel so lucky, when really it was only down to chance that she was my Mum at all.

I also feel so lucky that we got married a few months before she became ill.  As such, the memories of my wedding day are truly precious.  Mum looked so proud and so happy that day :-) It’s our 4th wedding anniversary tomorrow, May 7th, and I will be toasting you too Mum! As well as 2 days later on Mother’s Day here :-) Also every UK Mother’s Day in March. It is hard to get through two Mother’s Days each year now, but I think you deserve to be celebrated twice! ;-)

You were the best Mum I could have ever hoped for and I will always love you very much. I know you will still be here with me in my heart when I have children of my own.

Happy Mother’s Day! All my love, Hayley xxxxxx

PS I wrote this poem & read it at Mum’s funeral so I thought I would share it with you all. It’s called “Dear Mum”:
Dear Mum…

I miss you so very much Mum
I feel like my heart is breaking
But I know you are watching over us
And listening, while I am speaking

I miss you so very much Mum
And your independent spirit
Some might call it “stubbornness”
Always saying, “No, I can do it!”

I miss you so very much Mum
I have so many happy memories
A childhood filled with love and laughter
You always soothed my fears with ease

I miss you so very much Mum
And I am so glad you were mine
If I could have chosen anyone
I would have picked you every time

I miss you so very much Mum
Is all this really true?
Help us find the strength inside
So we can see this through

I miss you so very much Mum
But it’s time to say goodbye
I know you are at peace at last
And that helps me not to cry

I will always love you Mum
You will live on through me
Goodbye and ‘God bless’, for now,
Until again we meet…

All my love always,
Your Hay xxxxxxxx