Martha Davidovich

My Mother’s Love

My mother is my truest friend when life’s trials
Are heavy and suddenly fall upon you
She clings on and endeavors by her kind percepts and counsels
She helps dissipate the clouds of darkness
And brings peace to my heart.

My mother accompanies me to every chemo session
She brings jokes and snacks to entertain me
While the chemo drips slowly through my port
We have long quiet conversations or read a magazine
We catch up on the many family events that have past by
Or we argue the new scientific or political issues of the day.

This has been a big part of my life for the past 7 years
As I battle ovarian cancer with its many different treatments
My mother’s loving touch brings smile to my face
It helps ease the pain of the many side effects I need to bare
I know she worries all the time to my slightest little sigh
Yet, I try to keep her abreast with all the news
That CAT scan, PET scan and doctor’s visits bring.

My calendar is always full as I manage my life between the treatments
But, I accepted this life of mine defined by the different chemo cocktails
As long as we can plan the next trip together, my mother and I.

Submitted by Martha Davidovich