Arleen Taffel


Arleen Taffel was a much loved and cherished Kindergarten teacher.  She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer eleven years ago.  For the past eight years she has been in constant treatment.  In all of those years of chemo she rarely missed school.  Six months ago she had a bad allergic reaction to a chemo that caused her to be burned basically around her torso, but she still came to school even though she was not supposed to walk; her children came first.

She taught for 40 years, 30 of those at Mt. Bethel.  She tried to keep all of the fun stuff in kindergarten, like singing and silly dances and a million little paper projects, even though the changing curriculum has made it almost impossible.  She had the energy of her five year olds.  Arleen was only 61 when she passed, she was in the class with her kids (where she loved to be) until a week before her passing.

Submitted by Mount Bethel Elementary School